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Accident Information

Accident Information  

In The Event Of An Accident

Things To Do Right Away
Stop the car, turn off the ignition, turn on hazzard lights
If no one is injured, get everyone out of and away from the car if it is safe to do so.
If someone is injured, DO NOT MOVE THEM unless there is a life threatening situation at hand (i.e. fire, gas leak, etc). You can cause them more injury by moving them.
Move vehicles off to the side of the road if possible
Call 911 immediately if there are injuries
Call the local police. They will come out to the scene and make a report later used by your insurance agents
Make a list of observable injuries
Document the accident scene
Call for a tow, but DO NOT authorize repairs until speaking with your insurance agent
Don’t accuse, argue, or admit guilt. Let the insurance companies figure it out. That’s what you’ve paid them for.

Gather The Following Information

Cars / Drivers Involved In The Accident

Driver’s License State / Number
State / License Plate
Driver’s First and Last Name
Driver’s Address (Street, City, State Zip
Driver’s Insurance Company / Policy #
Color / Make / Model / Year of other cars
Describe damage to vehicle
List injured persons / injury

Witness Name / Phone Number
Witness position relative to the accident scene
Name / Badge Number of Officers on Scene

Accident Scene

Describe What Happened
Include weather conditions, estimated speeds, time of day, road conditions, etc. (the more details the better)

Sketch The Scene (take pictures if you can)

Include street names, car positions, posted signs, stop lights, etc.