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Fun Car Facts


Q: Where was the first gas station?

gulf-gas-stationThe wording on the marquee is “GOOD GULF GASOLINE”
A: Gulf opened up the first station in Pittsburgh in 1913.


Q: What city was the first to use parking meters?
A : Oklahoma City, on July 16, 1935.


Q: Where was the first drive-in restaurant?
A: Royce Hailey’s Pig Stand opened in Dallas in 1921.


Q: True or False? The 1953 Corvette came in white, red and black.
A: False. The 1953 ‘Vettes’ were available in one color, Polo White.


Q: What was Ford’s answer to the Chevy Corvette, and other legal street racers of the 1960’s?
A: Carroll Shelby’s Mustang GT350.


Q: What was the first car fitted with an alternator, rather than a direct current dynamo?
A: The 1960 Plymouth Valiant


Q: What car first referred to itself as a convertible?
A : The 1904 Thomas Flyer, which had a removable hard top.


Q: What car was the first to have its radio antenna embedded in the windshield?
A : The 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix.


Q: What car used the first successful series-production hydraulic valve lifters?
A: The 1930 Cadillac 452, the first production V16


Q: Where was the world’s first three-color traffic lights installed?
A: Detroit, Michigan in 1919. Two years later they experimented with synchronized lights.


Q: What type of car had the distinction of being GM’s 100 millionth car built in the U.S?
A: March 16, 1966 saw an Olds Tornado roll out of Lansing , Michigan with that honor.


Q: Where was the first drive-in movie theater opened, and when?
A: Camden, NJ in 1933


Q: What autos were the first to use a standardized production key-start system?
A: The 1949 Chryslers


Q: What did the Olds designation 4-4-2 stand for?
A: 4 barrel carburetor, 4 speed transmission, and dual exhaust.


Q: What car was the first to place the horn button in the center of the steering wheel?
A: The 1915 Scripps-Booth Model C. The car also was the first with electric door latches.


Q: What U.S. production car has the quickest 0-60 mph time?
A: The 1962 Chevrolet Impala SS 409. Did it in 4.0 seconds.


Q: What’s the only car to appear simultaneously on the covers of Time and Newsweek?
A: The Mustang


Q: What was the lowest priced mass produced American car?
A: The 1925 Ford Model T Runabout. Cost $260, $5 less than 1924.